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This page will have a limited number of categories. Basically the idea is that it will be on the web at an easily accessible and easy to remember website, and it will be a simple, short read for newer players.

If you are feeling up to it, please write a 2-3 paragraph section for new players under one of the following topic areas. For example, to use teaching pies for leveling. Or that AoE exists for mining. Or that you need the portal skills to go to exos.

It should answer the question “If you had only 10-20 sentences to tell a new player about this topic, what would you tell them”?

Looking for both categories and for content authors (writers)

Beacons/Refueling (Don’t Lose Your Stuff!) by DK

Starting out (starter planets, be near a hub, machines etc) by DK

Knowledge Tab/Shop Scanner by Suji

Shopping/Choosing Equipment

Running a shop/taxes/pricing/malls

Locations, location tokens and warping

Portals and warps by DK

Portal Networks


Skill Pages






Enemies/Creatures/Combat by Draconic

Meteor Hunts by Draconic

Mining (have an author volunteer)


Harvesting (wild resources)

Crafting by DK


Pies & Brews


T4, T5 and T6

Exoplanets (including T7)




Beacons/Refueling (Don’t Lose Your Stuff!) by DK

All land ownership in the game is based on 8x8x8 block cubes called “plots”. To build a long lasting base in boundless, you need to build a “Beacon” at a crafting table, place it in a plot and fill it with “Beacon Fuel” (also made at a crafting table). You can increase the size of your personal area using “Beacon Plotters”, or reduce it with “Beacon Plot Removers”. You will need to buy plots from “The Exchange” using “Cubits”, an in-game currency earned from leveling up and/or from micro transactions. Anything you build outside your plotted area will disappear to “World Regeneration”. You must also fuel your beacon every 4 weeks or it will disappear (there are higher level beacon fuels that last up to 16 weeks, and you can pay via micro transaction subscription to not have to fuel beacons)


Starting out (starter planets, be near a hub, machines etc) by DK

It is good to pick a starting location near some sort of portal hub so that you can easily transit the Boundless universe. Portals are indicated by a purple “doorway” icon at the top of your screen on the compass. It is also suggested that you first build on a “low tier” planet, T1 or T2, where the enemies are less dangerous and less aggressive. It is helpful to ask for advice where to start using in game chat or forums.playboundless.com. You will probably want to start off by building a crafting table and a workbench. Ultimately there are seven different types of workstations, plus the crafting table, and a few other quasi-workstations.