List of In-Game Resources

(Location tokens for all of these will be found at DKMall, coming soon!)



Farm School – Go to Kun Lun from DKMall and run straight, you will see a portal

TNT Blocks Museum – go to the TNT Hub, head west

Lil’ Porkchop’s Blocks Museum – portal at PS Grovidas Te, behind the Lamblis portal

DK’s Community Colors Collection Project (CCCP) – Under row C of DKMall

Code Gleam

Regen Consortium

Legendton location tokens for farm spots – giant portal at TNT


All-color shops:

Sydney – TNT Lasaina

Gleam Universe – Fireborn Nomads, portals at DKMall and DKTree

Van Goo’s Paints – DKMall #F00

Sasquatch paints – at Naughty Mall

Krylon paints – at Gyosha Mall



Treasure Hunt (Sochaltin)

Riddle House

Reaper Trials