Guide to DK Mall

Welcome to DK Mall! I hope you enjoy shopping here. My name is DK. Iíve been playing since the PS4 launch in September 2018, and love Boundless! I acquired DK Mall from its prior owner in April 2019, back when it was just Row A. Prime, of Fantasy Tree, helped me design the mall and helped build a lot of it. He is awesome J


Ok, so the mall guide. First off, how do you open a shop? You can either contact me for help/advice, or you can plot any time, as long as you follow the ONLY rule in the mall: shops must be at most 2 plots wide, 6 plots deep/long. You may build as many basement levels as you want as long as you fit within that 2x6 footprint. If you are at a crossroads, I ask that you build only 2x3 (newer rule) so that more people can have these great spots. Once your shop is built and stocked, come find me and I will give you your free 25k!


The mall is oriented relative to the lobby, which houses most of the portals. Any lobby portals with a gold sign are portals to shops in the mall. <image> You can also find the Exo Shuttle just west of the mall lobby. Itís big and gold, you canít miss it! <image> If you havenít already, check out the Official DK Mall Map.


The mall is divided into rows, A through G currently, with even numbers on one side, and odd numbers on the other side. <image> If the numbers of the shops are descending, you are heading towards the lobby.


Every 15 plots or so there is a crossroads featuring a mall lobby shortcut portal. <images> There are also signs showing the direction of the lobby at all intersections <image> Any shop with a gold ďPĒ sign has a lobby shortcut portal. <image> These shops are also indicated in bold on the Official DK Mall Map.


I hope everybody enjoys the mall, and remember, stay boundless!


Please donít hesitate to find me in-game or on the official forums for help any time!